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Same-day delivery – because your customers are too important to wait!

Many of us remember ordering products as children (with a little parental help, naturally) and then waiting excitedly for anything from two to four weeks for the goods to arrive. In our fast-moving modern society, such a period of anticipation is no longer acceptable. Even items from half a world away can arrive in a few days now.

According to Invesp, 51% of retailers now offer same-day delivery, while 65% plan to offer it within two years, if they don’t already provide it. From the shopper’s perspective, a whopping 49% say that same-day delivery contributes to them being more likely to shop online. When it comes to customers aged 18-34, 56% now expect to have same-day delivery.

Customers are happy to pay for the convenience of same-day delivery too. 61% are happy to fork out more to get their goods faster, based on the Invesp figures.

Perhaps most interestingly, 25% of shoppers said they would abandon an order part-way through if they couldn’t get same-day shipping. This means that companies that don’t offer same-day shipping are already behind the curve, and likely losing out to those competitors that do offer it.

This is why A to Z Couriers is working with local clients to provide a fast, responsive delivery network that includes same-day shipping services. Our clients can offer their customers the convenience of same-day deliveries for their products, no matter where in the UK they might be. For the customers, this means enjoying a modern delivery option that will get their goods to them as swiftly as possible. For our clients, it means providing a service that puts them at the forefront of their industry, at least so far as their delivery options go. It’s one of those lovely situations where everyone wins!

If you would like to know more about offering a same-day delivery option to your customers, you can call our award-winning A to Z Couriers Croydon depot on 0208 667 1234 (if you’re based in London or Surrey) or our fantastic Kent team on 01689 873 771 (if you’re local to the Kent area). We look forward to working with you.


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