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Packing to beat the weather

There’s no denying that winter is coming. The long, hot days of summer are well and truly behind us, as the rain and the wind pick up their pace for the year’s coldest months. Storms Ali, Bronagh and Callum have already battered various parts of the country, providing a taste of what’s to come between now and the spring.

The winter weather brings a range of challenges. For those sending parcels, it means particular care and attention needs to be paid to packaging. Parcel paper isn’t the most water-resistant of materials and nor is cardboard.

If your company is sending out goods this winter, it’s important to ensure that they are packaged securely enough to be invulnerable to the elements. Some parts of the packing process remain the same whatever the weather, such as carefully wrapping individual items within the box and filling the space in between them with packing peanuts (or similar) to ensure that nothing moves around and breaks in transit.

The strength of the outer box is important – it needs to be sturdy enough to withstand wind and rain, as well as to protect its contents. Seal it well with parcel tape, including running tape along the edges and base. If you have the option to shrink-wrap the box, doing so is well worth considering, with due consideration given to the environment, naturally.

Remember that the addressee’s details also need to be waterproof. There are various ways you can do this. One of the simplest ways is to stick clear parcel tape over the address label. However, this has the potential to confuse scanning devices, due to the amount of light it reflects. Another (better) option is to use a waterproof plastic wallet, which you can put the address in before attaching it to the box.

With the British weather being so notoriously changeable, it’s a good idea to adhere to these packing principles no matter what time of year it is. And even if it’s hot when you send the parcel, remember that it might not be on the day it arrives!

Once you’ve taken care of your packing, the A to Z Couriers team will spring into action to make sure your parcel arrives at its destination as swiftly and securely a possible. To kick-start the process, you can call A to Z on 0208 667 1234 (for London and Surrey-based customers) or on 01689 873 771 (for customers based in Kent).

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