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Choosing a courier service – what to consider

You’ve poured time and energy into building a successful small business that delivers exceptional products and outstanding customer service. So how can you ensure that the courier service you use to transport those products meets your own exacting standards and represents your brand? Well, the quickest way would be to book A to Z Couriers right now! However, if you’re like us and tend to be thorough in your research, then read on for some hints and tips on how to choose the right courier service.

1. Coverage

First off, grill the courier service on its coverage. You never know where your customers might be located, nor how your business might develop. As such, opt for a courier service with national and international coverage from the outset, so that it has the ability to grow and expand along with your company.

Opting for national coverage doesn’t have to be at expense of local connections and customer service. At A to Z Couriers, for example, we forge local relationships while serving as part of the APC Overnight Network to provide national and international coverage.

2. Speed

Sometimes it feels like our world is getting faster and faster. Certainly, when it comes to delivery speeds, customers’ expectations are rising. That means it’s important to look for a courier service that offers guaranteed delivery times, whether those be secure, same day delivery services, second business day services to the US or second/third business day services to Asia.

3. Reliability

Choosing a courier service that is trustworthy and reliable is essential. Your delivery company has the power to engage or enrage your customers, depending on the quality of the service it provides. You need to ensure that your couriers deliver what they say they will, when they say they will – each and every time.

Of course, it’s worth bearing in mind that mistakes do happen occasionally. As such, it’s important to know what the company’s policy is should a parcel go missing – what it will do and what its timescales for rectifying the matter are.

4. Customer service

As well as considering how your chosen courier service interacts with its customers, look at how it liaises with you! Does its team answer every one of your calls promptly, know every element of your account in detail and fill you with confidence at every turn? If not, they should!

5. Price

Value for money is an important part of building up a long-term relationship with any company from which you buy services. In the case of a courier company, that means ensuring that you have agreed prices in place for a wide range of destinations. Achieving value for money doesn’t mean using the cheapest service, but it does mean feeling that you’ve got the best service out there for a price you’re happy to pay.

Want to know more? Then it’s time to call your friendly, local A to Z Couriers team. If you’re in London or Surrey, you can call us on 0208 667 1234. If you’re in Kent, then 01689 873 771 is the number to call.

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