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First impressions count: How to sell clothes online

Whether you’re a dab hand with a needle and thread, and make your own clothes, or just like to recycle your designer cast-offs on eBay, successfully selling clothes online is all about first impressions. Selling clothes is a great way to earn income from home, as shown by the extensive discussions on community sites like Mumsnet. However, fetching the right price needs a bit of thought.

First impressions count for a lot. When we meet someone new, it takes just seven seconds before we make our minds up about that person. With objects, the process is just as rapid. As such, those selling clothes online need to attract attention from the very first glance. The arrival of the goods in the post, which gives the first impression of the physical object, also needs to impress, meaning that the way they are packaged is important too.

It all starts with great photography. Crumpled piles of garments won’t attract high prices, so ensure that your clothes are in pristine condition and displayed well. Wearing them and having someone else photograph them is a great way to show clothes off at their best (if you’re camera-shy, just ask the photographer to keep your face out of the shot).

The right lighting is really important, particularly if you’re selling accessories like bags and jewellery as well as clothes. Let a designer handbag gleam in the right light and it’s sure to attract more attention than a dimly lit version.

When listing clothes for sale online, be sure to provide plenty of detail about their condition and any fancy features. You can take close-up images of any key details as well, to accompany the description and help buyers to make their minds up.

For the packaging part, put yourself in the buyer’s shoes and consider their experience of opening the parcel. Companies like Apple have this down to a fine art, so borrow from their expertise and present your items as beautifully as possible. Doing so will mean the buyer has a positive first impression before they’ve even unfolded the garment. We can support you with this here at A to Z Couriers, as we provide a free handy clothing bag to help your delivery stand out.

We also provide fulfilment and distribution services that are ideal for private sellers. Our clean, organised environment will ensure that your goods are handled with care and packaged up professionally as part of our ‘pick and pack’ distribution service.

In this day and age, having a side income that you can rely on is no bad thing, so if you want to know more about how we can help you to maximise your income from selling clothes online, just pick up the phone. Our friendly team is available on 0208 667 1234 if you’re based in London or Surrey and on 01689 873 771 for customers in Kent.

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