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It’s A Small World (After All) considers It’s A Small World (After All) to be the most played song on the planet. The tune, which is played in Walt Disney World parks across the globe, has been played more than 50 million times. The audio-animatronic children who dance to it are designed to promote global peace and international unity.

Global peace may be slightly beyond our scope, but here at A to Z Couriers we are certainly doing all we can to promote international unity. Ok, well, international parcel delivery then! Our international parcel services provide safe, secure logistical support for customers’ deliveries to a wide range of global destinations.

Technology has made the world smaller in many ways. Our ‘global village’ enables us to communicate easily over vast distances, from instant messaging services to video calls. While we haven’t yet mastered teleportation to allow parcels to be sent with the same speed as messages, we have built an effective global delivery network that allows them to be sent securely and rapidly.

For consignments heading for European shores, A to Z Couriers’ Standard International Service is the ideal choice. Covering more than 30 countries and territories in Europe, it provides a convenient door-to-door service with day-specific delivery estimates. This allows you to plan your deliveries and relax, knowing when and where they will arrive.

If you’re looking further afield, our Express Saver International Service is the perfect option for fast deliveries. We provide end of second business day delivery to most business addresses in the US and Canada, and end of third business day delivery to Asia. For other locations, we’ll provide day-definite deliveries to suit your needs.

In total, we deliver parcels to 215 countries and territories. We also bring parcels into the UK from 185 countries and territories, so if you need goods imported, rather than exported, it’s well worth having a chat with our friendly team.

Of course, being a helpful local company, we always like to go one step further. That’s why we offer free UPS packaging, for your convenience. It might not be enough to bring about world peace, but hopefully it will make your delivery process a little easier and more enjoyable.

To find out more, simply pick up the phone. If you’re in London or Surrey, you can call our Croydon team on 0208 667 1234. For customers based in Kent, the Bromley depot can help: 01689 873 771.

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