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Parcel mysteries solved: How to pack your items

Arranging a courier is only half of the process when you’ve got delicate goods to send. You also need to package them up in a way that ensures they won’t break in transit. We’ll handle your goods carefully, of course, but if you don’t package items such as glass in the right way, they are vulnerable to the vibrations of our motorbikes, cars and vans as we speed around the country to deliver them on time. As such, here are some handy packing tips to get you started.

Bubble wrap is undoubtedly your friend when it comes to glass and ceramic items. Wrap each item carefully and seal it with a little tape to ensure it doesn’t work itself loose while in transit. Biodegradable bubble wrap is available, so you can be kind to the planet even as you keep your delicate goods safe.

A sturdy exterior box is also important as a means of protecting the contents within. You can fill any air pockets in the box with an eco-friendly substance, such as biodegradable packing peanuts, to stop loose items within from banging against each other. You can even use popcorn as a cheap and eco-friendly packaging material – cosmetics company Lush used to do so for all of their products before moving to plant-based packing peanuts (as the latter take 23% less energy than popcorn to produce!).

Electronic goods also need particular care when being packed for delivery. Again, wrapping each item carefully is a must and bubble wrap is again a great solution. Sturdy outer boxes are also important when it comes to keeping electronic goods safe.

Special solutions are available for temperature controlled and perishable items, to keep them from spoiling. Lining your shipping box with polystyrene foam or planks can help to keep items cool, while dry ice and gel packs also work well. For items such as freshly cut flowers, a sturdy base of firmly tied cellophane can keep water in well.

The A to Z Couriers team is happy to provide advice and guidance for your convenience. We also love a challenge, so whatever you’ve got to send, why not give us a call and talk it through? You can reach our Croydon depot on 0208 667 1234 if you’ve based in London or Surrey, and our Bromley team on 01689 873 771 if you’re in Kent. We look forward to helping you!

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