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Abraham Organics – an A to Z partner

When you think about plump corn-fed chicken breasts, tender fillet steak and juicy lamb chops you’re probably more likely to think Masterchef than A to Z couriers – but that’s where you’d be wrong!

Everyday A to Z handles fresh deliveries for Abraham Organics, an ethical Halal and Tayib meat supplier that sources the very best meat products for a range of customers right across the UK.

We’d like to tell you a little about Abraham Organics, the exceptional products they supply and how we work together to make sure their customers get the very best service - from the field to the doorstep.

Who are Abraham Organics?

Compared to the vast majority of other suppliers, Abraham Organics do meat differently.

Although it’s a topic that could fill whole books, it’s widely considered that the UK meat industry is rife with practices that most people would rather turn a blind-eye to – intensive factory farming, cruelty, dubious feeding methods – and much more.

Abraham Organics began with the attitude that accepting these things didn’t have to be the only option – and that sourcing good quality meat could be something that benefits the wider community, both from a moral and health point of view.

Supporting farms and farmers

It’s not only customers that Abraham Organics care about though – the meat that eventually ends up on our plates starts on a farm, so finding farmers who share their production and welfare standards is also a must.

As such, Abraham Organics work with a select number of smallholders and farmers to ensure every piece of meat they supply starts out as an animal that has lived a full and healthy life in their natural environment. What’s more, every single cut of meat can be traced to its source.

Halal and Tayib

As well as ensuring their produce is completely organic, Abraham Organics also ensure the meat they provide is both Halal and Tayib.

Essentially, a Halal meat product is raised and slaughtered in line with Halal principles – which requires farmers ensure a high quality of life and a quick, stress-free slaughter. The word ‘Tayib’ doesn’t have a direct translation into English – but instead carries an overall meaning of an item that is clean, wholesome and pure.

In short, these standards and principles mean Abraham Organics provide exceptional quality meat products that are sourced from animals who have lead clean and natural lives. Meat that tastes great – and can be eaten with a clear conscience and no worries about health.

What do Abraham Organics supply?

If you’re interested in succulent, mouth-watering products then click here to browse the Abraham Organics website and store. We recommend you wait until after lunch though, because the pictures of spit-roast lamb, crispy skinned chicken and sizzling sausages might leave you a little disappointed with your sandwich and crisps meal deal!

The team at Abraham Organics select the best and most popular cuts of beef, chicken, turkey, lamb and mutton then prepare them to order in custom portion sizes that can suit anyone from a small family to a large restaurant.

It’s not just their meat products that are naturally sourced either, Abraham Organics pack their products in specialist temperature-controlled packaging by WoolCool, a company that have pioneered 100% pure wool packaging. This innovative use of natural products keeps the package at its intended temperature for at least 48 hours.

It’s at this point A to Z and the wider APC network step in.

Supporting Abraham Organic’s deliveries

When A to Z start working with a new company we always discuss particular needs – and as you can imagine, delivering fresh meat came with requirements above and beyond most other packages we handle.

It’s vital that as a company and individual drivers, we know that we’re dealing with perishable products – when time is of the essence hoping for the best just isn’t good enough.

“The contents of a delivery are between £100 and £150 as a minimum, so you can imagine the impact one of two failed deliveries has on us when the best we could hope for is just to claim the delivery charge back” explains Abid Ali, Logistics Manager at Abraham Organics.

With this in mind, it’s clear to see why being part of the larger APC network is vital.

“The guaranteed by 12 service is a must for us – and I have to say that A to Z and APC go above and beyond what we’ve experienced before to make sure our products are delivered without any issues.”

Just a phone call away

From the outset, we agreed that we would support Abraham Organics to track every parcel and remedy any issues that occurred in real time – and Angie at our office is only ever a phone call away to support that requirement. Angie also provides email confirmations of every delivery scheduled for the day. This service that takes a lot of administration off Abid’s to-do list:

“It’s great, we can pick up the phone, let Angie know about any issues with deliveries. A to Z then talk to the relevant APC depot, who in turn to speak to the driver and they do what’s needed to make the appropriate adjustment. The fact that everyone through the APC network knows one another makes it feel like a perfect, personalised service”

Special occasions

Even the most perfectly planned service will come under pressure when a special occasion demands that Abraham Organics’ order volume goes up – and that’s exactly what happened at Christmas time.

Abid explains:

“We handled 5 times the normal amount of orders we would expect – but every delivery got to where it was going on time. We didn’t miss a single package out of the hundreds that we sent.”

A good delivery process is one that works whether there’s 1, 100 or 1000 packages – so Christmas was the test required to prove A to Z and APC could rise to the unique challenge that delivering perishable meat products presents.

We’re proud to work alongside a company like Abraham Organics – and proud that we can help them deliver an exceptional service.

More information about Abraham Organics

If you’d like to learn a little more about Abraham Organics, their way of working or the products they provide you can find them online at or alternatively, you can call them on 07912 040 267 or email them directly at

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